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ECUtool is a web-shop that boasts a wide variety of do-it-yourself vehicle diagnostic and ECU monitoring tools. Virtually anything involving vehicle ECU's including circuitry, diagnostic tools, monitoring and odomotor-reseters can be purchased via ECUtool. All of ECUtool products are manufactured and shipped from their factory in China. ECUtool products are not for the average vehicle user; their products are intended for individuals who possess prior knowledge in vehicle-mechanics and who are familiar with vehicle ECU usage. ECUtool can be beneficial for those who need diagnostic tools for their business garage or for the at-home mechanic who wishes to self-service his/her own vehicle. 

ECUtool has the following products:

Ecutool: What makes it different?

ECUtool - What makes it different?

  • Prices - ECUtool offers prices on many items that seem virtually unbeatable by the competition. One of which is the first item listed: "Launch X431 products". ECUtool offers this same product at an alarming one-thousand-dollar less expensive price.
  • Super-fast Shipping - ECUtool boasts an unsual 4-day shipping expectation to, "anywhere on the earth". No matter what country you reside in - if you are ordering them from ECUtool, you can expect the products delievered fast!
  • Member rankings - ECUtool offers various member ranking dependent upon the amount purchased. For distributors, this means competitive prices on the products offered. To be acclaimed a "VIP" a purchase of $1,000 or more is required. To be acclaimed a "Dealer member" a purchase of $5,000 or more is required. To be acclaimed a "Special member" a purchase of $20,000 or more is required.
  • Live "Side-chat"- ECUtool offers a live chat system displayed on the left half of the screen. Have any questions about a product? Chat with one of the live representatives!
Ecutool vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Ecutool)

The Competition Compared -

MostOBD - MostOBD displays a very similar area of product selection as ECUtool. Online since 2006, this internet-shop is a main competitor of ECUtool. MostOBD also appeals to the do-it-yourself mechanic or the proffesional garage owner. This site features some of the same ECU anaylizing products as ECUtool does. This website is most definitely easier-to-navigate than its competitor ECUtool. However, there is a price differential between the two competitors. Some of the more "pricier" items that ECUtool offers are also available on MostOBD. However, ECUtool has MostOBD beat in most of these more expensive products. MostOBD features an "about us" section that is much friendlier and more in depth than ECUtool. 

Diagobdii - Yet another China web-shop competitor for ECUtool. The oldest of the three, established in 2001 Diagobdii features an easy-to-navigate website with a classy design. Diagobdii is run and was established by 'Beaver Auto Diagnostic Co.LTD'. Diagobdii, like ECUtool, also features a live chat option for questions about products and services. This web-shop also features free shipping on a select few products, unlike both of its competitors. Pricewise - diagobdii seems to be the most expensive of the three. Despite their claim as a "competitive price" company, their prices range into the higher extremes  of the three web-shops for the same products. However, Diagobdii promises "high quality service" and "high product quality" for all of their items available. 

Ecutool: Pricing & packages

ECUtool: Pricing and Packages

Price Comparison: Launch X-431 diagnostic tools

  • ECUtool: LAUNCH X-431 AUTO DIAGNOSTIC Scanner - $1,000 (not including shipping)
  • Diagobdii: (Similar product) Launch X431 X-431 Diagun European Standard - $950 (not including shipping)

Price Comparison: V-Checkers

  • ECUtool: V-CHECKER with LCD Screen - US$122.15 (not including shipping)
  • MostOBD: (similar product) Super VAG K+CAN V4.8 - $119.99 (free shipping)

Price Comparison: High-end Odometer correction tool

  • ECUtool: DigiMaster III D3 Original Odometer Correction Master - $2,200.00 (not including shipping)
  • MostOBD: DigiMaster III D3 Original Odometer Correction Master - $1,890.00 (not including shipping)
  • Diagobdii: DigiMaster III D3 Original Odometer Correction Master - $2,290.00 (not including shipping)

Special Offers -

  • ECUtool: features (an unpublished amount) of savings based on your "user level" which is dependent upon the amount you purchase.
  • MostOBD: At this point in time, MostOBD features FREE SHIPPING on over three-hundred-fifty items in their web-shop
  • Diagobdii: At this point in time, Diagobdii features WHOLE-SALE PRICING on over "100 thousand" items. This is a great option if you are a garage owner.


Ecutool: Product images & screenshots
Ecutool Coupons
Ecutool: Customer reviews & comments

What do the customers think?

Based on the opinion of 1(one) customer review:

  • Jennifer65 says: "I have had amazing service from ordering on-line to delivery. Of course it was the price of the goods that initially atracted me to ECUtool. I bought a 5M Scanner that I'd already given up on finding via local stores. "
  • No other reviews available at this time.

The Good and the Bad-


  • ECUtool is a great, affordable option for any mechanic looking to tweak the computerized components of his/her vehicle. Based on the competition.
  • ECUtool features prices at a very hard-to-beat rate. 
  • While lacking in features such as free shipping like MostOBD, ECUtool has established its own unique features such as the "user level" which in itself, can save a business more money in the long run.
  • Live chat side bar for questions about products and services
  • Speedy shipping


  • Poor quality web design - hard to navigate
  • Lacking vital information in the "about us" section
  • Service descriptions are lacking - live chat can make up for this

Overall ECUtool is a great, shopping option for any customer looking for great prices. Regardless of the poor webpage design and lack of information, most of their prices are near impossible to beat. That coupled with the user level service offered and speedy shipping, ECUtool stands above the competition in some key-areas. If I ever had a need for the products offered in this review, I would choose ECUtool as my first option for any vehicle diagnostic tools.

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